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2-Way Radio & Public Safety Solutions

As an authorized Kenwood and Harris dealer, Wecom Inc. provides organizations with two-way radio systems that offer long-distance communication without radio signal degradation. We offer both UHF and VHF repeaters.

UHF and VHF repeaters receive and transmit low-level radio signals at a higher power in order to cover far distances. Two-way radio systems are a must-have for utility companies, public safety organizations, dispatch centers, as well as small and medium commercial enterprises. Police and fire brigades, ambulance departments, commercial vehicles and parks and recreation departments cannot function properly without the use of a high-tech two-way radio system. The greatest hindrance to this form of communication is signal degradation, or the wearing down of a transmitted signal by the environment. Degradation causes distortion and random noise that interferes with the successful transfer of information. Our high-tech repeaters ensure that no signal is lost; Kenwood’s UHF and VHF repeaters and Base Stations are “designed for the demanding requirements of public safety, utility of heavy industrial operations where continuous duty operation is required.”

Wecom provides installation, repair, and maintenance procedures for you two-way radio systems. Contact us today to set up a two-way radio system that fits your organization’s exact needs.

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