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Ethernet spending is projected to exceed $18 billion by 2014. The reason? Healthcare and social services industries are in the process of a major shift from printed to electronic documents and patient records. Not only that, but doctors and hospital staff rely on wireless technology in their work. A stable, secure, and fast broadband technology is required to create an integrated network environment. Wecom provides healthcare industries with that technology so that they can make a comfortable, safe, and affordable move into the 21st century.

Wecom provides carrier trunking, back-haul and transport across our carrier network- all the network solutions that facilitate top-notch communication. We provide high bandwidth networks to both metropolitan and rural areas; our HIPPA compliant secure network services offer protection, even in the most remote locations. We offer carrier back-haul to clinics and hospitals for point-to-point, Direct Internet Access, cloud services to interconnect datacenters and SIP Trunking and cloud telephony for hosted VoIP services.

In no other setting are speed, quality, and reliability more important than in a hospital. That’s why at Wecom all network infrastructure is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year in our Network Operations Center to ensure link quality and maximum uptime. An ultra low latency network is essential for streaming video conferences, downloading and uploading medical images, and expediting the search for patient records. Our network is fast, secure, and dependable.

Wecom will make your transition from paper to digital simple with an easy-to-configure Ethernet or fiber hand-off. Our carefully prepared service level agreement makes sure you understand and agree to the services we will provide you; your trust in our services is our first priority. Ready to increase productivity, maximize patient confidentiality, and modernize your network? Contact us today.

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